The IMPIC Project

The Immigration Policies in Comparison (IMPIC) project provides a set of sophisticated quantitative indices to measure immigration policies in most OECD countries and for the time period 1980-2018.

For comparisons with other datasets measuring policies and political institutions, the IMPIC data is also part of the Demscore infrastructure as well as the IOM Migration Data Portal.

The dataset received an honorable mention for the 2021 Lijphart/Przeworksi/Verba Dataset Award of the Comparative Politics Section of the American Political Science Association. The launch paper of the dataset is among the most cited articles in European Political Science. See here. Two of the project’s core publications (Helbling et al. 2017 and Helbling/Leblang 2019) were selected for the 50th Anniversary Special Issue of the European Consortium for Political Research. See here.


OECD member countries

The Immigration Policies in Comparison (IMPIC) project was funded by the Emmy-Noether program of the German Research Foundation for the period 2011-2016. Additional funding from the WZB Berlin Social Science Center, the University of Bamberg and the Swiss National Science Foundation for the period 2019-2023 allowed an update of the dataset for the years 2011-2018.